Tips for matching daytime makeup

The makeup is one of the biggest allies of our good presence and beauty, and also during the day. This time, we show you some tips for matching daytime makeup, so that is a natural, conceals imperfections and a trendy touch to our day, especially if there is a social event, work meeting or similar that requires elegance and care, in its right measure.

daytime makeup

The first step will be the correct hydration of the skin: before using any makeup, have to apply a suitable cream, depending on the type of skin, to hydrate and achieve a smooth and soft skin, and thus to ensure that the makeup is more uniform and remains intact for a longer period of time.

For the day, a BB Cream type cream can be very useful as it gives a touch of color and will help keep skin hydrated, which will protect you from the sun rays. To correct the imperfections, you can apply some concealer before foundation or BB Cream, especially in the area around the eyes and where there are spots or blemishes.

For the eyes, the best will be a brown or gray eyeliner pencil, and not so black which is most suitable for the night. The shadow, earth, beige or champagne colors, which will give more light and sensitivity to the look. What about Mascara? Yes, but in small quantities and if possible, colorless or brown.

To enhance a little cheeks and cheekbones, a pink blush will be most suitable, as it will give a more youthful and healthy appearance, and feel good in almost all women. Finally, a little gloss on the lips and mission accomplished. Another possibility for the mouth is to opt for a moisturizing gloss that in addition to color will help to combat the dryness of the lips.

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