Tips for Petite: what dresses to wear?

We are lucky because the trends this spring are very diverse and can be adapted to taste and shape of any woman. In stores you can find clothes of ethnic inspiration, a review of the 70 more hippies, military court, a delicate navy or urban looks that ask to cry some sneakers.

Among long dresses, midi, short, narrow, what we can be better if we are short? We review them:

Tips for Petite

Dresses of vertical stripes: Whether navy inspiration or oversize shirt, vertical lines tend to elongate your figure and you will be higher. For special occasions you can wear a belt to the waist or wear it loose to give a casual touch.

Avoid prints: This spring will find in dresses with air wearing, fringed and paisley pattern. You will shorten the figure; better opt for monochrome dresses, which give an appearance of verticality to your body. Choose neutral and dark colors tend to highlight the slender figure.

Ignore the midi: We do not recommend using this kind of long because at the end of a half leg, it tends to shorten the body. But if you like a lot and want to have a garment, always combine it with heels, so you can counter the optical effect generated by this cutting type.

Neckline: Bet on dresses with open, round or v-necklines. An uncovered torso creates an appearance of longer and therefore also lengthens the figure.

Balance: At the end of the day the fashion is a game, combining garments, fabrics and prints. So if you you much attention a very patterned dress with a closed neckline always it can counter with a high-heeled sandals, or draw attention to a few flashy sneakers, why not?

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