Tips to care for your Hair Extensions with Clip

Hair Extensions are fabulous! Makes you look even more beautiful than they already are, you can lengthen and give volume to hair in minutes, without having to wait months for it to grow. They are super comfortable and very easy to put on thanks to the clips, you can put on and off whenever you want.

care for hair extensions

There are different types of hair extension: clip in hair extensions, keratin hair extensions, tape hair extensions, glue hair extensions and color hair extensions. Each hair extensions need different care.

You have to make an effort to look after so they look healthy longer, just like your natural hair care of yourself. Then we will give some tips for maintaining beautiful human hair extensions with clip:

Use a special brush for extensions will help prevent knots and are abused. Brush gently and dry the extensions, is not recommended to brush them when they are wet. Try to brush them on a flat surface, starting with the tips and continuing with the media, be careful not to brush too hard because you could pull the hair of the seam and peel out.

Wash hair extensions, only when necessary. Use warm water, shampoo and conditioner in small amounts. Wash them gently in a bowl of water or directly under the faucet and rinse very well. Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, as they are gentle on hair extensions.

Drying and Styling
It is best to dry outdoor extensions. If you really need to use a dryer, try using it with medium heat and protective products against the heat, and so extensions are less abusive. When using electrical appliances, in either extensions Dryer, Iron, Curling Iron or Light tubes, do not use it at its maximum temperature, and that applying excessive heat can mistreat or even burn them, use heat-protective products. Remember that hair extensions should be completely dry before use. It is very important that to make sure that your natural hair extensions are stylish with electrical equipment, in the case of synthetic be reviewed well the instructions not to go to damage.

For Care
Applies a hydrating treatment on hair extensions, every 5 washes. Apply on damp hair extensions, rinsed with warm water and allowed to dry.

Change its color
If you want to dye the extensions, take them with a professional stylist, it is recommended to be stained with a darker tone, NEVER in lighter shades. And make sure that the extensions are natural hair and NO synthetic extensions. It is not recommended to discolor. These tips are very easy to follow and so you will keep your natural hair extensions looking beautiful and like new.

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