Tips to get the best casual looks for everyday

Let’s be honest, of course we like to go pretty and smartly uniformed as a brush, but we also love to return to normal, go well comfortable, without both heels, tight dresses and mini bags where do not fit even a packet of tissues. For better and with it the return to normality and daily routines, and of course that also means back to the comfort! We are going to teach you a few looks that go with the cute fashionable to the pair that comfortable, all in one.

best casual looks

For starters, what is more comfortable and heated to about leggings? It must be recognized that despite its simplicity, the leggings are a difficult piece, not all we dare to take them because it depends on the type of body or how combine them it may be vulgar. If we feel comfortable with a more modern feel we can use the high-waisted leggings and combined with sweater. If on the other hand we do not dare and would rather cover the waist and buttocks area, there is nothing better than to combine leggings with an oversized sweater.

If we go with a look a little more formal without losing comfort is the best bet on the dresses. In this case a good choice will choose a loose workmanship or tulip cut. To complete the look must take into account the low temperatures that we are experiencing, if we dress we opt for well tights that shelter us and also give a chic touch to styling. Regarding the shoes, the best and most comfortable is to bring flat shoes, or failing with very little heel.

But if we are that we use the jeans as a way of life, there is no garment more combinable than a good pair of jeans. If we seek to be consistent with the trends and comfortable at the same time, we propose the Mom Jeans that are now so booming. Its high shot shape the body, and its slightly loose leg does that we could move with comfort.

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