Tips to match clothes properly

Many times we face our closets thinking “I have nothing”, “I need clothes,” or simply “I do not know what to wear”, in these situations is very important to think that a garment itself is not the most important, most important is as combined, is that if you look at the magazines usually think “go well dressed” but if we try to look in detail each of the clothes they are wearing our models or favorite artists, it is more likely that more than half we do not like them particularly.

match clothes properly

Here we offer a number of tips to match the clothes properly and make the most of our wardrobe to match our clothes and all.

The black combined with any color:
The truth is that we will always look good is the total black with a touch of color, the color it is, but usually black with dark blue is often not desirable and should be careful with the white.

Nothing mixing many prints:
In order to find a simple set is important not to mix several stamped at the same time, the stripes with flowers and moles or birthmarks, can make it look like you’re fresh from the circus.

The clear shoes with dark clothes are not a good choice:
Usually if the shoes are lighter than other brands focus attention and make the whole look ordinary.

The shoes and bag should be the same color:
Or, at least, is one of the basic rules for combining clothes successfully.

Combine colors to continue the same chromatic range:
If we seek not far from the shades of the rest of clothing the possibility that all this well outfitted is much greater.

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