Tips when buying shoes

Buying shoes is not as simple and less task today when we have so many options. Many times we fell in love with a pair of shoes that we saw in a store and buy it blindly and when we got home already they do not seem to us so comfortable, and we end up not using them so frequently. This is because even if they look beautiful on our feet is not the only thing to keep in mind when choosing shoes.

keep in mind when choosing shoes

Here are some tips to make this task much easier and getting a pair of shoes that are beautiful but at the same time are comfortable, and do not cause us health problems. It is ideal to choose the right size for your foot, neither bigger nor smaller.

Low budget
If the budget we have is short, the ideal is to buy some shoes with covered fingers. Choose colors that never go out of fashion as black, brown or beige. These colors are neutral and can be used at any time of year. They go well with both casual and formal look.

Remember that you can always take your shoes to the shoemaker which are torn or broken, you should stop using your favorite shoes if these are damaged.

Buy the best quality that you can afford so they last longer and withstand the weather and use. Even if you have to get the hand to the pocket is a long-term investment.

To combine with accessories
If you want to combine your belt with your shoes must have the same tone, or a darker hue.
You do not need your shoes combine with your bags or wallets, but if you try to do it with the same style (casual, elegant, athletic, etc.) to give you more attuned to your entire outfit, even the clothes you wear on.

When choosing heels it is important to consider the type of body you have.

If you are robust or of rather thick figure, very high heels do not favor you because they do not let you properly maintain the balance. Instead, it opts for half-height heels to stylize the figure.

If you are of short stature using heels of a minimum of 5 cm to best show off your legs. The heel height is sufficient to stylize most of legs.

The stilettos is not a good idea to go to work because you will not let be rested during the day and your feet can swell. This is due to the fact that it distributes your body mainly it was doing the front of the foot. If you have bunions or corns are your worst allies, avoid them; pressure causes calluses on the front of your foot and increases the pain of bunions and hammertoes.

Pointy Shoes
This type of shoe compresses the fingers, which can also cause corns and will also put pressure on your nails. This constant pressure causes ingrown nails and increases the risk of developing hammertoes. The recommendation is not to use them too often and purchase of a size slightly larger than usual.

Note: The hammertoe is a deformity of the toe, which has its end folded down.

Flat and Platform Shoes
The flat shoes should not be used frequently because they can cause pain in the arch and even tendinitis. The best option is to alternate with moderate heel shoes.

If you have problems of swelling in the Achilles tendon or arch, avoid them at all costs.

The platform shoes are very common and are all the rage lately. But they are as unstable as the high heels. Walking on a high platform causes tension in the muscles of the legs and may cause dislocations, and even ankle fractures. If you want to use, choose one with a moderate height and with whom you feel really comfortable.

At the time of purchase

  • The best time to buy shoes is falling afternoon or evening, since feet tend to swell throughout the day. If the shopping in the morning it is possible to begin to squeeze if you use them for several hours.
  • Some persons have a foot bigger that other, it is necessary that the shoes you choose properly in 2 feet.
  • If you have big feet or heavy legs choose shoes with wide heel or robust style. If instead you have small feet or thin legs you must use stiletto heels and delicate styles.
  • If you are looking for a formal shoes for work, the less skin showing the shoe is most appropriate for business.
  • When you buy shoes, try them and gives a short walk through the store to see how you feel. If you feel any discomfort do not buy, for sure you will be hassled when you use them for a longer time.

We hope that these tips have been helpful for you and remember to buy the right size. You must be able to move your fingers inside the shoe and you should not slip your foot when you walk.

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