Tips when using leggings

The leggings are versatile garments that have solved the lives of more than one, but we have to follow certain recommendations that may help some embarrassment to be passed or criticism is not very pleasant.

using leggings

It is a garment that is used in all parts of the world, but despite being so comfortable and seemingly “simple” to display, you must follow certain recommendations before putting one combined with whatever gets in the closet.

The important thing is to recognize that you have to know how to choose clothes according to the shape of the body and is that not everything looks good at all, so it’s best to leave a good impression and nice and not that of a scruffy girl who does not care or take care of their personal aspect.

– Those with very wide or thick legs, should choose dark colors like black, gray or navy blue, because its create optical thinness affection, but if you get to choose the prints, elongate the legs are even more, so the latter only are best for the girls of thin legs.

– In terms of materials, it is better to have a high content of lycra in the percentages of manufacturing, therefore it is better serving the body and will be very good also for those who have more rolls or the deal a little fallen.

– We must contextualize the type of leggings, so sports are for the gym or exercise days and the other are to look at another type of event. It is nothing worse than attending an event or family outing with sports leggings.

– Some fit better use a long shirt that reaches to cover the buttocks and more to reduce the size of your hips.

– With regard to long ones, who are fishermen and go just below the knee, can use during the holidays on the beach or a hot spot, with a pair of sandals and thus not suffocate. But it is forbidden to use them in winter, because it can keep watching the space between the leggings and boots or shoes that will be used and quite rude.

– When a legging begins to wear between the legs, replacement must be sought, since many falls into the error of sew over and over again or exit leaving that are starting to see some skin through the worn fabric. When this happens, it is best to leave these items damaged by overuse, as pajamas or clothing to do cleaning at home.

– For underwear, you have to take good care of the type of clothing, to prevent tick and see strange or unpleasant. The best and most recommended are some thongs or mini shorts that are not marked.

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