The men also have choices with respect to clothing if they seek to emulate the typical style of India, being in this way that there are some few ideas worth to use to achieve the best possible result.

traditional indian clothing

To start, we put a little bit of emphasis in regards to the textures and colors, being usually soft and shiny silk which remains valid in these cases to achieve optimum results, apart from that the only thing could intervene so that you achieve the perfect result is the type of garment itself.

For example, is practically recognized by any of us use of long tunics by the inhabitants of India, containing the same aesthetic finish a fine decorative works by various present in them. These same are called ‘kurta’ and can be found in a variety of designs where the colors vary or length of the garment itself, being traditional as well as more modern and stylish.

Moreover it can be combined use with a ‘dhoti’, which is a species of belt that is moored to the waist.

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