Trend: Citrus colors

Although in matters of fashion, there are several trends that are set each season, it is true that some take more into consideration than others what we carry in every season. In this case, we mean no doubt to a series of shades, which adhere to what we consider citrus colors. These are undoubtedly the orange, yellow or even greens more acidic. But, how can we merge it without exposing too much excessive to the time of dressing with this type of clothing or using a kind of supplements or accessories under this pantone as summer?

citrus colors

We have several options: from one that has to do with the color block and zero fear of being too exuberant, through which prefers establish such must only background, starring the additions or accessories, up to what you can set this in a middle way.

To begin, we speak of more excessive look, and really the most trendy of the moment, that is, which combines bright orange with all the clothes and accessories we can. Not pass unnoticed by anyone at the level of street style if we do it from this perspective. As for this set must have a much half way, it’s for example, choose a garment in question in yellow: blouse, pants … etc.

And finally, we can bet on that kind of outfits that we need only include an accessory or complement in this type of color. It could be, for example, a set of bracelets, like a great bag, or sandals. It is, therefore, we try to add a single accessory that makes the look too, but approach the trend superficially.

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