Trend ‘cut out’: Include it in your closet

Do you dare to look and enhance some of the areas of your body? Joined the trend ‘cut out’…

cut out trend

Trends come and go, and when we believe that a must have forgotten between the remnants of the past, returns with more force than ever before. Or on the contrary, that one of the fashion guidelines that bringing less hype at first, to flourish as they are named by the greats of fashion. This is the case of the trend cut out.

It is a more modern look, avant-garde and the 21st century, which is to deconstruct the own outfit to the point that the skin stands out through the openings of the dress or garment in question.

There are many celebrities who have joined this mandate of the universe fashion, with dresses or tops with openings, such as the Italian blogger Chiara Ferragni, the singer Selena Gomez and actress Halle Berry. Proud of their hot body, these star women’s systems have worn the red carpet pieces of clothing that reveal their types of stroke.

On the other hand, more and more often are the real life girls who walk through the streets, which have decided to also follow this new must have and show parts of its anatomy as proud. Shoulders, abdomen, chest … any area is good to wear these unique openings.

Sometimes not about necklines as such, or ‘cuts’ in clothes, but seams strategically identified to protrude or some skin shows through a sensual way that leaves no one indifferent.

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