Trend: Round Sunglasses

It is undeniable: it is a trend that is here to stay. After the cat glasses, must of the square glasses, and everything what has to do with what has been in question for sunglasses, finally they stand as chosen by all of us for this spring/summer: takes the round!

round sunglasses

Although it may seem a priori thing of the past, we must not forget that it is anything that we will get tired of seeing in the street style, especially when you consider that now the good weather is coming. Here are some of the advantages of this fashion product.

– We are sure that your mother has some seventies round glasses. What does this can mean? That besides going to the latest fashion, you can give your style a touch of hippie and bohemian, and especially vintage! Take advantage; because it is an object which were a much a few decades ago, and possibly some member of your family have some round glasses kept as relics.

– They are very feminine, and usually look good to all types of faces. However, depending on your face, whether or not angled, or have more of rounded shapes, it would be advisable that we think the size. Do you have very elongated face? Then may be your ideal way smaller that who have an average size face, you can afford the bigger ones. A medium size is the most favor women with a round face.

– On the other hand, also go well with all kinds of looks. More fixed casuals or informal, it is true that it is a snap beauty that we can not pass this season if we want to be trendy.

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