Trend: The pearls are in fashion

The pearls are a stylish addition, but have always been linked to a classic style, almost elderly. However, we are fortunate that fashion comes and goes, and makes any garment or accessory into something trendy and fashionable. Now pearls have also become a supplement to be taken, and can be worn with any style.

pearls in fashion

The pearl necklaces have been linked to a classic style, but nowadays you can find low cost alternative and more modern. Necklaces with laces, with added rhinestones and other details that make the mythical pearls reinvent and become something new.

Also you can see these pieces in rings, which need not be a dull snap. A double ring is something new, a current trend, and small pearls add a sophisticated and delicate appearance.

The pearl earrings are not holy devotion, but the idea that we proposed – a earcuff wearing pearls as the main element. Ideal!

pearls in fashion

Do not forget that these trends are based on fashion proposed to us by the great designers. The revival of the pearls has a lot to do in the fashion shows, where it became the main protagonist accessory. Necklaces in maxi size and showy bracelets made this element sensitize great importance.

Other collections have also joined this trend, showing that you can include in many areas, such as clothing, Balmain-style. Oscar de la Renta opted for something more classic, very in style, with long pearl necklaces.

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