Trends in manicures: 2015 star colors

Summer is approaching, and with it comes the change of wardrobe, colors, shoes … Why not also change the way you paint your nails? Pay close attention to the colors that will be this summer!

trends in manicures

This summer you can forget what you knew from previous years, and that at this time provided the most vivid, vibrant, bright colors get along … But this time the naturalness has again won the battle, with earth tones and pastel very flattering on this time of year. Of course: that take long and sharp-pointed! Do you dare to do?

Are you ready to know what colors bring you this summer as it comes to nail art? Take a look!

Trend 1: Topo colors
Nails are carried in all shades of brown, from white to coffee, all inspired by the topo. If you do not see these colors, try and paint your nails in summer, since having more brown hands you will notice most favored.

Trend 2: Nude nails
Yes, you read that right! The nails are 100% natural, so it is no longer necessary to paint them with this colored glaze that is increasingly more likely carry toenails unpainted, with only a thin layer of gloss more simple and comfortable!

Trend 3: Glitter
If you are daring so naturally you will be taking your boxes, but quiet! These very neutral colors combine perfectly with one of the fashions that come again, glitter. If you dare with all nails on, if not, you can choose to paint only one of the fingernails, for a touch of sparkle to your manicure.

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