Trends in nail colors of the season!

The warm weather is already looming and with it the new pastels by large firms that choose to wager this year. Not only fashion is full of bright and soft colors, the makeup, too. This season will bathe your nail enamels in watercolor shades, pink and nude. Here are all the keys to boast of hands.

nail colors trends

From the famous purple used by the Egyptians to the Gothic black, nails are an infinite source of possibilities with which to experiment and dare with all kinds of colors.

First of all, the tone chosen responds to our tastes and dress, but it is important to note that the stronger and bolder colors (red, purple, blue, fuchsia …) will be better in the hands and perfectly manicured nails in size and shape. By contrast, those soft, natural colors, as well as being easier to apply, are better suited to any type of hands being especially recommended for those girls who bite their nails.

Colors of the season

Sweetness: Just add an extra sweetness to your hands with tones ranging from the classic baby pink, through the Pink Pearl to the warm peach color.

Freshness: What better way to make your nails an air of freshness and relaxation with watercolor tones: blue, turquoise, sea green and violet to transform your nails in bold and daring.

Frost: Provides a contrast to your icy looks pastels with a few fingernails bathed by sparkles, the glitter and pearly tones. Ideal!

Naturalness: The tones that follow naturally incarnation variations are best suited to make your nails an elegant and sober. The classics never go out of style, so again take nails lacquered in shades of cream, beige and nude. This season again dominate the purity of white. Dare and commitment to this color for your nails or broken by its version.

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