Trends of summer: do you know the flatforms?

The trend flatforms are somewhat difficult to carry, since not everyone likes the fact they do, and however, we can say that there are some that caught our attention. This shoe comes from creating a flat platform, bringing together the words “flat” and “platforms” on a new concept.

flatform shoes

We have seen this trend timidly in some fashion shows from top designers like like Derek Lam, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Prada and Alexander Wang. All of them have shown that both these shoes can be worn with a dress as worn with jeans, since it is suitable for various kinds of looks and it is manufactured in several variants.

If there is an online store such low cost that has opted for this type of footwear is Asos. We also found some in Topshop, but keep in mind that both catalogs are quite extensive and echo of all trends.

These shoes, which some people may seem somewhat orthopedic and strangers are very good for those who want to, grow a few inches without sacrificing the health of your ankles. It is also suitable for days of beach and picnic and informal issues in general, although you can find some black suede to serve you for a night of revelry perfectly.

On the web we can see that there are several types of flatforms. We have to look like the Japanese shoes of the geisha, who are the most original. Then there are like typical wedges of esparto but flat and even Roman sandals. You’ll also find shoes with rubber soles and thick higher than normal, which can be considered a full-blown flatforms.

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