Tricks for eyes makeup according to your eye shape

Small, bulging, sagging, separated … to correct the shape of your eyes and get the most out of your eyes, take note of the best tricks of the make up artists. Eyeliner and shadow become your best allies to brag about this season’s eyes. Are you ready to start?

eye shape

Open eyes
If you’ve always wanted to have bigger eyes, it is now possible! Something as simple as not beautify the outer end of each eye will ensure more bulging eyes.

Apply shadows that you always use by all over the eyelid, but remember not to do it on the outside. When you should outline your eyes with eyeliner it continues the same trick. It ends with a swipe of mascara, and voila!

Sagging eyes
If your eyes have already been affected by the passage of age, suddenly lift it with a light touch: your best allies are the shadows with pearly particles.

Get an extra brightness applying the lightest shade all over the eyelid, from the outside to the area of the tear. Then apply the medium shade on the outside in an upward direction toward the eyebrow. With the darker surrounds the browridge.

Further apart eyes
If you want your eyes are not so close together, working the area of the tear. To do this, apply the lighter shade all over the eyelid, including browridge. Also, use it to flush the lower lashes. The trick is to stump it very well in the gap between each eye and the bridge of the nose.

With halftone, trace a line from the outside of the eye to the center, so that the shadow fades applied earlier. Finally, just blend the darker shade on the outside of the eye, flush with both upper and lower lashes.

Slanted eyes
The smokey eyes are the order of the day. To get more light in our ripped look just apply the lighter shade from the outer to the inner side of each eye, flush with the upper lashes.

Get the perfect gradient, using a medium tone shadow from the outside to the center of the eye, blending well to join the two colors. For a film look, apply a darker shade than the previous fair at the outer end and blend upwards. Of course, do not forget your mascara.

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