Tricks to blush last longer

One of the key impressions we have when buying makeup is that the product in question lasts as long as possible. Not having to touch us every ten minutes, which hold without fear sweats or long hours is something that concerns us all.

blush last longer

However, not all elements of beauty that we keep in our vanity have a long duration that makes us great many hours. This happens often with the rouge that we choose to mark our cheeks in a matter of makeup. If we want this effect, but getting it naturally, then we use a number of tricks that make us great many hours.

– The first is that the very basis of makeup is long-lasting. Getting a make up line that remains intact sixteen hours is critical for other products let us on it are also perennials. Once we have spread, it is just a matter of spreading the blush as every day, knowing that this time will remain unchanged.

– If want another trick, we must become a makeup fixative as such. If we do not want to allocate an amount to, we can reuse another: hairspray. Surprisingly, not only fixed the hairstyles, but also makes the makeup is like the time we missed. If we do not want to be all over the face with a feeling of mask strap, we can put on it only in the cheekbones.

– Often the secret lies in the very form of use. Take care of brushes and blush, which is always tightly closed and in a dry place. If this is right, many more times can be used without problems.

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