Tricks to hide the redness of the skin

Surely all of us have suffered acne, pimples or redness on the skin of the face. Women are used to having to deal with these aesthetic problems that repeatedly can affect our self-esteem and cause a real problem. We give you some beauty tips to hide the redness of the face and thus power. Take note!

hide the redness of the skin

The basic trick to eliminate the redness is to use the green concealer, as the Skin Make Up Forever equalizer. This product helps neutralize redness and match them with color, hiding red intensity. We recommend you use different shades of green concealer color to have a more effective finish.

And that sure many have tried the green concealer but there are areas of the face that are still redder than normal. That is because not all redness is of the same intensity, so the best option is to use different shades of concealer depending on the intensity.

Redness appears on sensitive skin, and is very important to care for the skin delicately and effectively to prevent its occurrence. It is important to protect the skin from solar radiation at all times, as well as using neutral soaps for daily cleaning of the face. We also recommend the use of special face masks to reduce the redness of the skin, such as soothing and moisturizing masks.

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