Turn your office look into party style

It has happened to us in countless occasions: we go to the office dressed to go to work, and suddenly emerges us a plan to get out with our partner, with friends or even with our own colleagues, and we have no time to go to move home. In these cases, we can not do anything but go to that place with the same styling, and nothing happens.

office look

However, there are also other types of situations, and these occur in the moment in which we really do know that we will have a special appointment at the end of our workday, but not even that we can go to our house to get other accessories or clothes that we like more at that time.

If this is the case before us, then we can think have some tricks to feel much more arranged with certain ideas that we can bring from home. If in our work we must be comfortable and never wear heels, but when we leave, the movement is simple: it goes for this day our most comfortable ballerinas that we can fold easily. In a large bag, put the wedges or heels that we want to wear later, and adapt them at the time of exit.

Once we have checked the shoes, sometimes, is what is striking is the time to focus on the style in question. The secret is to take one piece, as it will be much easier to adapt. If we carry jeans and blouse, we may not feel as comfortable as if it were a dress.

Commits by the dresses, and to turn it into a fashionable look, we just have to adapt them with shiny belt, or a cardigan that has sparkles, will be completely different! All we need colorful bracelets or necklaces, and succeed!

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