Tweed Jacket: 3 ways to wear it!

The tweed has become one of the quintessential fabrics this winter season. The classic jacket that Chanel in the 1920s design reinvents itself this season: we teach you to take it!

The cyclical fashion is nothing new. The tendencies that once were imposed recover, updated and re-labeled as “must have”. Designed by Coco Chanel, the tweed jacket is undoubtedly an icon of fashion and elegance.

Its multiple forms of combine this garment has carried around a basic make any female wardrobe. This season, many firms are those that have dared to update this classic.

If at this stage still you have not made with a take advantage of rebates to have an acquisition that will give much play to your outfits. And if you have doubts about how to combine it, attentive to our three 24h proposals.

In the office
The American Classic can be upgraded and modernized. The tweed jacket is ideal for taking to the office because of its fabric and its structure will bring elegance, distinction and safety.

Tweed Jacket

In the weekend
For those days where you can free yourself from the rigidity of the costume and enjoy a more relaxed and casual style, tweed can be an ally. Its versatility makes it suitable for jeans and comfortable shoes.

Tweed Jacket

At Night
Elegant as it comes, tweed outfit is perfect for this evening in which our goal is to see us elegant and sophisticated. According to the garments combine this jacket will achieve a more or less jovial. This time, we focus on results more casual but very chic.

Tweed Jacket

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