Types of bags for men

The men’s bags have been a taboo in the society for many years now, leaving aside the case of work, it is believed that handbags are more female than for the male gender because so decided the world, but if you are male you know that often need a place to put all your stuff during the day and do not fill your pants pockets in an uncomfortable way.

bags for men

Thanks to this, gradually has been more developments in this area, and the designers and clothing stores are offering us styles of different bags for men, that suit every taste and style. Today we give you a guide to the types of bags for men and their features:

Messenger backpack: This bag is the most comfortable to carry the cross on your back and you used to carry large or heavy items, from books to electronic gadgets like your laptop.

Rucksack or backpack: This bag is casual, has two straps for use on the back. You’ll find it in strong colors and fabrics such as fur, leather and plastic, male designs are much simpler and manly, will serve for a day trip or work.

Bag for the gym or sport: This is characterized by a long backpack and not very high, usually in the form of a cylinder, originated to carry gym clothes or a change of clothes needed for other activities.

Portfolio bag: Recently time that looks more this kind of bags in men, as it is small and can be uncomfortable because you have to carry in your hands, or use it for your cell phone or important papers.

Vanity bag: This is used to store your personal cleaning items when you travel, it is is small and basic for well organized tourist.

Tote bag: This bag used in most men, the classic briefcase is always square and thin, designed to store important papers and envelopes.

Shopper bag: Characterized by being a long bag with two handles or with long strap bag to cross it over your chest, is super functional.

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