Types of hats that will mark your personality

The type of hat a woman uses defines her personality and style. Besides acting as a protection for the head, a hat also adds to the style and elegance. There is a wide variety of hats available in the market. One can choose according to her dress and occasion. Here is a list of 10 types of hats that can make you look elegant and sophisticated while at the same time.

types of hat

Fedora Hat
This is one of the most popular hats for women that can be used at any time of day. Due to the availability of large variety of colors and styles, fedora hats are often preferred for parties for women. This hat has longer borders that also makes it ideal for outdoor wear, as well as protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

Cloche Hat
This bell-shaped hat makes a style statement. Fits perfectly but with elegance and gives a brighter and sharper look to the wearer. To add dramatic effects, you can add flowers, ribbons, bows or bands on this hat.

Cowboy Hat
The typical cowboy style hat with wide brims and high crowns can make you look free, adventurous and daring spirit. Go for the hat, when you want to look bold and wild!

Schoolboy Cap
This limit is known by many names such as “newsboy cap” and “Baker boy Cap”. This is ideal when a sleek, modern look is desired. In earlier times, this hat was worn only by boys and young men. But in modern times, women are often used to give an elegant and modern look. This hat is round and swollen. It has front visor, therefore, “schoolboy cap: by the name

Beret Hat
This bowl-shaped hat is very popular in winter, as it covers the head and offers a good protection against the cold. Moreover, this hat is often made of wool or felt that makes you feel warm and cozy in winter. Beret hat has a circular shape and crown width. The hat is very soft and is used generally tilted to one side, giving the user an innocent and elegant look.

Trilby Hat
Tweed, felt and wool is often used to make crowns Trilby. It is a popular hat for riding or hiking. It has a sharp look with a crown and narrow brim. It goes well with formal shirts and clothing.

Bucket Hat
Bucket Hat, as the name implies, has a negative slope wing, like a cube. This is a casual hat that can be worn casually. Often denim is used to make this hat and can be used with almost all the casual jeans, skirts or dresses.

Victorian Hat
It transports you to another era with its sharp looks and stylish. These days, many adventurers brides prefer to wear rather conservative veils.

Giant Sun Hat
As the name suggests, these hats are great for outdoor use when the user has to be in the sun for some time. The large wings of these hats to ensure adequate protection against the sun’s rays while ensuring that the user looks elegant.

Mini Top Hat
This hat is mostly preferred to make a statement of style. It does not cover the head completely. It has a small lid with some feathers or other decorative objects coming out of it to give a unique and modern look.

So choose the hat according to your mood and always look like awesome.

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