Typical errors of a Wedding: The manual use of the headdress!

We all know it very established by protocols that are the weddings. And although not all know rule to rule, if we Intuit that there are a number of typical errors which cannot be allowed. So take note of all… And you will not miss anything!


Demonstrate in a wedding that you know the protocol to perfection is synonymous with class. But not only referring to the covered, when to sit, when to clap or shout loudly what point: to kiss the bride and groom.

But there are many details that are not too good on the rules of protocol of a wedding. Many of them have to do with us … And also with you. Obviously, no one is born knowing. And if you’ve never been interested in finding out, it is normal not to know that the headdress, once set, can not be removed from the head.

For this reason, quiet. Just a recommendation… Read on to know about this and many more secret protocol played at a wedding. So, the next time you opt for this supplement as an ornament for the hair, go safe.

  • If it is a daytime wedding, you can wear any kind of headdress. Any size serves since you must take the garment shortly.
  • Whether it’s a wedding in the afternoon/evening, it is a most spectacular party, so opt for more special accessories with rhinestones, dark colors or other bright ornaments, but remember … they are small.
  • If you have chosen the dress is long, you better bring a little touched. Even just a pickup with no hit, you will be much better. Do not overload the look.
  • In contrast, if the dress is shorter, you can take larger or touched apparently bulky to balance the effect.
  • Recommended never spend with the size or style of the headdress. Remember that the bride should be the best dressed of the ceremony.
  • If your hair is long and you’ve decided to let the hair, you can use fork or tapes, along with your headdress. It is very suitable for long hair.
  • Fits the size of your headdress also thinking that when you are on the table or in the ceremony, there will be more people around. Try not to be annoying to those around you.
  • If the wedding is in summer, uses materials such as raffia, burlap or lace. If it is in winter, it is much better than your headdress is felt, velvet or heavier materials.
  • And the colors are also a secret at all weddings. For fall and winter are recommended duller colors. For spring and summer, however, the better chances with orange, pink, yellow, or greens.

With these tips you could wear your headdress with the assurance that nothing escapes you. You know all the rules and that you are more than appropriate for the ceremony. Put into practice this manual of use for not failing in your style of weddings this year.

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