Ultimate Tips for a Cocktail Party Success

Cocktail parties are the pinnacle of semi-formal events, whether it is for social or business everyone enjoys the cocktail hour. There’s a lot to do in order to ensure a perfect cocktail party from the decorations, your outfit, appetisers and most importantly the alcohol! Not only do you want to make sure that everyone else has a fantastic time, but you are planning this party so that you can enjoy it as well, so follow these tips to ensure an amazing cocktail party.

cocktail party

1. Plan Your Theme and the Basics

Not all cocktail parties will be themed, but if you’re having one, make sure you plan your decorations ahead of time so you’re not left running around on the day of your party trying to find decorations. For an easy fix visit a party supply store for an array of matching decorations and party necessities from plates to cutlery.

party theme

Cocktail parties also need entertainment, so make sure you sort out your performers (if you have any) or make sure your Spotify playlist is perfect and has enough songs to last throughout the entire event.

2. Finding the Perfect Outfit

A cocktail party host doesn’t just want the guests to be wowed by the event, but you want them to know that you had a breeze planning it (even if you were a total mess), and an easy to keep up the facade is to dress yourself up in the perfect cocktail dress. Midi length and semi-formal, the ideal cocktail dress has simple silhouettes and patterns.

3. Catering and Alcohol

This goes without saying, but a cocktail party is only labelled so because cocktails are provided. Other alternatives can include wine, champagne or other bubbly drinks, but leave the beer and cider to the youngsters. Make sure you have a bartender who actually knows their craft and ensure that there are enough bartenders to cater for your crowd.

For the appetisers, make sure to check for food allergies or other dietary requirements from your guests and a variety of vegetarian and vegan options will always be appreciated by everyone.

4. Beware the Weather

Make sure you check the weather forecast ahead of time and plan your party on a day when it isn’t pouring down. This is especially important if your cocktail party is being hosted outside, but even if your event is inside, running around in the rain to get to the event will create more hassle than is needed. Those pretty cocktail dresses and shoes don’t deserve to be ruined by the weather.

Once you ensure that the weather will be perfect, a nice marquee will always go a long way. The sun can be quite unforgiving when it’s constantly being shined upon chilled drinks and food, plus it’ll provide shade for those who want it and be there as a cover should the weather turn sour.

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