Using pantyhose

The pantyhose are a quintessential garment that does see the girls much more attractive, but you have to know certain things when combined with other garments and recognize that using it and in which it is prohibited.


It is a garment that has been known for a long time and has several features that have evolved over the years and that make women still prefer or instead not want to take the risk of using it.

It is very famous and used throughout the world, using the actresses, the models exhibit the major gateways, even look at celebrity sections of the news, it is easy to imagine how girls can be used with certain clothes. What really gets to annoy the girls is that those who see on TV, they are perfect, but if they wear certain styles, can be disastrous, as it looks good, the legs look thinner than what can have or have the legs very wide, it is complex to use with tranquility.

On the other hand, we must take into account the trends, colors, shapes, styles and so on, because that also influences the reflected image. Although there are certain occasions where you can use and which not, and that is what should be taken into account to make them look good.

For occasions in which you can used include:

  • First a business meeting but holding tight shoes because you can see some contrasting and without much style.
  • In the field of office they are perfect and much better if they are to important positions such as directors, managers or something related to the Government, lawyers or companies related to finances.
  • To attend important events such as parties, product launches like makeup, medicine and others.

There are also times when you can not use and are more related to the context or climate, for example, in the middle of a roast and a terrible cold or rain; on a Sunday where you do not have to do anything or family outing or friends in the Park, at a formal meeting and wearing shoes or sandals or an event that takes place in warm earth, it will be fatal.

Fashion increasingly shows that teaching our legs without stockings is possible, but considering the rest of the clothes but we should clarify which aspects should look like veins varicose veins, stretch marks or hairs, because with or without socks can be unpleasant, unless means are of a dark or bright colors, because they are similar to skin tone and more white girls, they reveal many details of which the girls do not feel so proud.

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