Velvety; join the club!

It’s cool, practical, entertains us in winter, and can boast of being one of the few textures that agree to all styles. It is velvet, and this season comes to slip (again) in our closet.


Black, gray, emerald, cherry and, with the help of Topshop and its eclectic shoes, fuchsia. No color will resists to the texture more sweet and warm. And it is that either re enveloping whole or only a part of our garments, this trend never fails.


The proof gives Kate Middleton, who chose in key little black dress (LBD) to congratulate the bravery of the British soldiers in the Military Awards. If you wonder how to apply this look, our advice is to follow the steps of the Duchess and we’ll probably go for the dark velvet for evening parties or events that occur at night.

The light colors like gray, beige or fluorine work well during the day, although the latter are also not a bad option for when the sun goes down. If you doubt, come to Topshop because it has become a true master of velvet 24 hours.

What is the best of it? Without a doubt, its versatility, as it not only flooded clothing (such as Ralph Lauren or Christopher Kane).

In addition, the warmth of the velvet has become a valid synonymous for Christmas, so what better time to do so now?

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