Victoria’s Secret: Lingerie and Sexy Accessories for Women

For what has come to be the female aesthetic and clothing in this regard, our minds the importance that has acquired a brand such as Victoria’s Secret, which is relevant to the extent that it is no longer a common occurrence and that its only name to come to be seen as totally iconic in today’s market.

Victoria Secret product

Intended mostly to what comes to be garments of lingerie and women’s bath towels and other similar accessories as fragrances and cosmetics, this brand originated in the United States has achieved relevance at the global level, having events related to it in each continent.

The story behind Victoria’s Secret goes back to the latter half of the decade of the 70’s, exactly 1977, which began to create clothes under that name, having the company headquartered in San Francisco; with the passage of the years it would grow becoming part of Limited Brands company, which would help to reach a step further to help it access new markets.

We take into account that one of the best advertising steps in the history of Victoria’s Secret featuring famous models so that they shape their garments, something which influenced much in the public in the mid- 90s, being so we can find such famous figures as Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Claudia Schiffer, Valeria Mazza, Naomi Campbell, among several other famous models. Currently we can also find something like the angels of Victoria’s Secret, those who come to be the models that are the main spokespersons of the company, providing its image for the brand.

The products of Victoria’s Secret are sold around the world, both in official stores of this brand also based catalogs, we see that only in America can be found nearly a thousand stores of the brand, which provides earnings that far exceed the five billion dollars to date, a figure that many could be referring scandal about a brand of lingerie and women’s accessories, but always remember that this is the largest corporation in the topic.

So much for being on the crest of trends in women’s intimate apparel and accessories, or by always having the most relevant models of the world, Victoria’s Secret is one of those brands that will always give us to talk about.

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