Warm Fashion Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss This Winter

We might not like the cold weather that winter insists on bringing with it, but it sure is fun to shop for a brand new winter wardrobe, don’t you think? Each season brings new trends – that’s exciting new styles to try for women everywhere! We don’t need to sacrifice our warmth/comfort for fashion either. Try these warm fashion trends to see what we mean.

The Christmas Jumper
The Christmas jumper is an essential in winter, and I don’t care what you say. You shouldn’t feel silly, you should feel festive! Show your appreciation for Santa in a ‘I Heart Santa’ jumper. You know you want to.

Thigh High Boots
Thigh high boots are not Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman-esque, so you can get that out of your head. These bad boys have come storming in the fashion world this winter, and we couldn’t be happier that they did. They allow us to wear an oversized jumper with bare legs. They keep our legs extra warm. They can be worn with skirts, jeans, tights; you name it!

faux fur coat

image source: flickr

The Faux Fur Coat
Faux fur is huge this year, as texture is a big part of many winter outfits. Choose a block color, or maybe even a pattern if you’re feeling brave. Some brave fashionistas have been spotted out with leopard print, rainbow colored, and even zig zag patterned faux fur. It’s a lot of fun, so try it.

The Wool Skirt
A wool skirt is very 60s, and that’s what this winter is all about. You can wear it with a jumper, a cami, or even a t-shirt. Pair with a beehive and some statement eyeliner to complete the look!

The Beanie Hat
The beanie hat adds instant cool to any outfit. You can wear it with jeans and a t-shirt for a look suited to a tom-boy. You could even wear it with a pretty dress and some biker boots to toughen up a girly look.

The Wrap/Shawl
The wrap/shawl is not only warm, it’s oh so stylish. Why not wrap yourself up in all of this ooh-la-la?

The Snood
Oh, snoods. Where would we be without you? Not quite a scarf, not quite a hood. The snood is the perfect way to keep your neck and head warm during the winter months.

boyfriend jumper

image source: flickr

The Boyfriend Jumper
The boyfriend jumper can be bought, or you could go in the wardrobe of a male friend and claim one as your own. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you have an oversized jumper in your wardrobe this winter. Just make sure you wear it with some tight trousers or leggings to balance out the look.

There you have them; the warm fashion trends that you just can’t afford to miss. You’ll stay toasty warm whatever the weather, and your outfits will be the envy of all who see you. Leave a comment if you have any more suggestions. Ciao for now!

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