Who has little chest yearns to have more but what happens when you have too large breasts? We are revealing then some styling tricks to neutralize the big chest.

wear flattering

The chest is one of the most sensual parts of the female body; however, always bust size is controversial. If you have little you want more, if you have a lot you want less… and in the end, one is never happy with the attributes that mother nature has given to you.

We assume that it is small chest which need further advice, but what happens to those women whose large breast generates complex? We all like to have that perfect fit, but the reality is imperfect, though quiet there are infallible styling tricks! Now, the first step is to choose the right bra size.

This week, we put the focus of attention to the large chest and unveil the most flattering clothes to style the neckline. The colors, fabrics, collars, details and even supplements can play for or against in this game.

Plunging necklines: One of the biggest mistakes is to disguise the bulky chest with closed necks and shallow. If you want a flattering result, bet for necklines in peak or oval, but always profound.

Garments with central opening: The blouses and shirts, dresses with buttons or zippers will be one perfect allies.

The flaps: when choosing a jacket or blazer, bet on the models that have neck or flap. Flees the closed models and diverts attention to those details.

Dark colors and mates: Leave the sequins and glitter to the bottom and choose opaque color range. Remember that the bright colors and prints with color contrast add volume.

The supplements also have much to say. Although we do not give them the attention that is deserved: did you know that a certain model of necklace can increase or reduce visually the size of the breast?

wear flattering

Handbags: The type of bag that favors large breasts is one that not provide volume to this area of the body. The handbag or clutches are so flattering and feminine options. If you like the bandoliers¬° prohibited cross them!

Necklaces: Avoid those which have high volume and chooses necklaces models. We encourage those who are above the chest.

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