Makeup for a wedding night
For a night makeup you must increase the intensity of the colors as the degree of fantasy as the occasion demands and the artificial lights obscure the colors and tarnish.

wedding night makeup

The makeup at night as well as the clothing must be more whimsical. Under this concept you can, in addition to the above items, add:

    • Glitter of the same range of colors as used shadows
    • Eyelashes
    • Black eyeliner
    • Gold dust for both eyes as if to touch your cheekbones

  • Autumn tones combine best with retro style with colors yellows, orange and Brown outfits, Greens, toasted and beige, which are the colors that are this season.

In the makeup at night where you can play stretching the shadow and the delineated, by placing glare or more colors in the shade or brightness, shades of fantasy or bolder designs.

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