Wedges, also for everyday!

Often when we think about the type of footwear this summer, comes to mind certainly a kind of shoes that take us from many troubles during these hot months: the wedges. They are higher than any flat shoe, and can establish a type of heel that is more comfortable than some salons or peeptoes.


Undoubtedly, this is an easy and simple alternative to summer night’s party. But not just for those times, as it is also important to know that we can carry out our looks everyday naturally. How do I get it? Here are the keys so that we succeed with our daily outfits regardless of the situation which we are heading.

As noted in upper lines, being able to have wedges can make us forget the conventional heels and not always go flat. Something unique for the weeks of heat. Therefore, if we want to go out a comfortable and look according to the comfort, the feeling should be casual styling: a very simple summer dress, with a structure of tight and full skirt give us a point lady but relaxed simultaneously.

If we have to go to work and do not want to show our legs, then it is time to bet for printed trousers or a special print. What if we started with polka dots? Through a completely white blouse, will succeed in having that component will be trendy but at the same time elegant. On foot, of course, our best wedges.

On the other hand, if we want to be great but fixed, then we can go for a summer dress but tighter. A tube or pencil skirts are also possible.

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