What color of lipstick goes best with your face?

The lipsticks bring shine and volume to one of the most prominent parts of our face and we can get more out of it whenever we choose the right color. A bad choice can ruin the rest of the makeup, so it is so important to hit the tone that best fits our face. We give you the guidelines to follow to choose the lipstick that most favors your face. Take note.

choose lipstick

Warm tones
The pink, fuchsia or carmine more favorable to clear or pale complexion women. If you are also blonde, these shades will further enhance your lips. Avoid the colors that refer to the flesh because these mimic the skin and make the lips ‘disappear’ from the face. For the night, bet for an intense red or brown to add a more glamorous touch. These types of faces do not feel cool or brown color.

Medium tones
Brown, garnet, dark pink, peach and orange tones married perfectly with medium or bronze-colored skins. For the night the best choice is a cherry, crimson red or pink color. These do not favor the very dark tones because these harden the face excessively, but if you like these colors you can bet on a light brown.

Very vivid and bright tones
The dark skins feel both light colors, but not much, like dark ones. To highlight the lips you must choose lipsticks with a lot of brightness or very vibrant shades, such as roses, reds or oranges. In the evening settle for an eggplant tone, burgundy, nude or intense red. Passes from the roses, mauves and purples.

According to the type of lip
The shape of the lip is key when applying the lipstick. If you have it fine, choose a lipstick with brightness and avoids the too intense tones. Outline them on the outside of the line of the mouth with natural color and to contribute volume, apply ‘gloss’ in the central area. To the thick lips, by contrast, do not favor the ‘gloss’ because it makes them look bigger. Make them inside by following the line of your natural outline. The most suitable colors are beige and pink.

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