What ‘jeans’ you favor most?

We all have our favorite jeans in the closet. Those jeans that we bought a few years ago and we favor its texture, especially its tissue, its stylized form, makes us thinner or otherwise highlight our curves, hides our flaws and brings out our strengths and the beauty of our body.

jeans that suit

However, it happens many times that, inevitably, those jeans that we love has been old-fashioned – campaigns that we have sworn to not return to us, for example-, or are badly worn out thousands of washes, but we want to achieve equal or at least ones that make us feel just as beautiful. For this purpose, we offer you this guide that will help you to glimpse what are the jeans that suit you best depending on your body:

  • If you are wide hips and what you want is to conceal them, paradoxically it is recommended that you seek a dark high-waisted jeans. Although it appears that go to mark more, the area becomes much more unnoticed.
  • If you do not like this option, you can always go for the boyfriend. Combined with a good peep toes and a blouse that will give you ultra-feminine air that left the lower part, and hide your flaws.
  • If you want to look wider because you look very thin, bet on light colors that have a more worn color in the thigh area. This will look more fillers in all its form.
  • If what you want is more stylized look, it is also advisable to bet on the high waist on your denim pants. Aided by some heels, optically elongate your figure.

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