What Should You Do With Your Old Clothes?

As more and more people have woken up to the dangers of the fast fashion industry, the question of what to do with your old clothes becomes more and more confusing.

No matter how well you take care of your clothes, for whatever reason, there will be some items that no longer work for you. If you find yourself with a pile of clothes that you no longer wear and don’t know what to do, then this guide is here for you.

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1. Try Upcycling

If you have items of clothing that don’t quite work for you, then you might want to consider upcycling them to transform them into something new.

This is especially useful for those items of clothing that you want to love but for whatever reason just don’t suit you. There are a lot of videos and blog posts online that will teach you how to do simple upcycling, such as putting a hem into trousers or tightening a top.

If sewing isn’t for you, then you might want to consider getting your clothes professionally altered. You could go to your local tailor and ask them to upcycle your clothes for you. If you don’t live near a tailor, then there are apps online that help you find the right tailor for the job.

2. Start a Resale Business

Just because an item is no longer right for you, that does not mean that someone else won’t love it. Starting a resale business can be a great way of making some extra money and contributing to a circular economy. There are many ways that you can resell your clothes: you could sign up for an application like Depop or set up your own website.

When you are looking to make money from selling your old clothes, it is important that you consider shipping costs. You can use sites like Shiply to compare the cost of delivery to better understand the prices for large item delivery and small item shipping and find the right service for you.

3. Donate To Charity

If you are simply looking to make space in your wardrobe and don’t have the time to spend on your old clothes, then you might want to consider donating them to charity.

There are lots of charity shops that take old clothes, some of which require you to take clothes to the store, while others will come to your home for the collection.

4. Rent Your Clothes Out

If you are a fan of designer items, then you might want to consider renting your clothes out. There are lots of online platforms out there that will connect you with people who are looking to rent similar items to yours.

This is a great way of making some extra money from clothes you have hanging in your wardrobe that you aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to.

5. Donate The Fabric

If your clothes are at the end of their natural life and are no longer in a wearable condition, then you might wonder what you can do with them. For clothes like this, you should consider donating to a textile and fabric recycling center.

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