What to Pack in Your Prom Purse

Prom is a big day in nearly every high school girl’s life. You’ve been waiting for this fun event of sophistication and glamour. You’ve probably picked out the perfect dress, made arrangements to have your hair and nails done, rented a limo and made dinner reservations.

prom night

You’re ready to have a fabulous time with your friends. Be sure that you’re totally prepared by packing a small emergency kit for your prom purse or clutch. Here are some must-have items to include:

Bobby Pins and Safety Pins
You’re probably going to have a dramatic and beautiful updo. Be sure to pack bobby pins in case it starts to come loose while dancing. A quick trip to the restroom with some strategically placed pins can fix any impending disaster. That same thing goes for the safety pins. Don’t let a ripped hem in your gorgeous gown or a broken zipper ruin your night.

A Compact Mirrored Makeup Case
Shop for an all-in-one compact makeup case with mirror prior to the big event. This is an item that any girl can use, particularly on a special night like prom. A mirror is a necessity for checking your makeup or for food in your teeth throughout the night. Having your cosmetics right there on-hand in the mirror’s compact is just a bonus if you see you need a little more blush or lip gloss. If you can’t find an all-in-one case, search for mini versions of lip gloss, blush and mascara to pack for any minor touch ups, and grab a small mirror to throw in as well.

Some Band Aids
Hopefully, you will have spent some time breaking in and getting used to your pretty heels before prom night, but even if you have, there’s still a chance for a blister on your heel. A band aid protects the irritated area and creates a nice cushion.

Breath Mints and Floss
You want to feel confident while resting your head on his shoulder during the slow dances or for the goodnight kiss. Having breath mints available is just a good idea. Some floss is an added measure to ensure your mouth is smile ready.

Cell Phone and Money
Finally, be sure to have your cell phone with the number of a local taxi company programmed in it, along with some money, in case you find you want to leave the after party for any reason.

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