An Honest Expression: What Your Jewelry Says About You

There is something intensely fascinating about the world of jewelry, especially along with the context of expression. Even in today’s unprecedented world where the pandemic has forced many to stay in their homes to stay safe, it does not stop most from still wearing their favorite pieces. It is a form of expression, after all, and some people feel naked without them.

What Your Jewelry Says

Jewelry is not just something you wear when you go out and have a good time – it is something that you have on your person in one way or another no matter what you are doing. It probably is not new to anyone that the type of jewelry you enjoy wearing says something about your personality, as even horoscopes and blood types have had similar forays into the subject.

That said, even if you might not necessarily buy the idea of your jewelry saying something about your personality, the fact that you have your preferred types still says something about the kind of person you might be. For those who are interested in finding out, here are just a few things that your jewelry – preferably from quality sources such as – says about you!

On versatile and minimalist jewelry

Having a thin ankle bracelet that people barely notice can say a lot about your personality. Going the minimalist route when it comes to jewelry often shows that you are comfortable and know what you want. Not everyone is going to notice, but they are not the ones who matter – you are. That said, you will find that some people will see and perhaps even do a double-take as they look closer at what you are wearing, which is something you are likely not to mind.

Minimalist jewelry can be some of the most aesthetically pleasing around, as it is often an extension of yourself, and people barely notice that you have it. Most people who enjoy the minimalist and versatile ways of wearing jewelry are comfortable with their bodies. They are thoughtful and tend to observe rather than immediately try to control a conversation. As a result, it can be an extremely attractive personality, as those who see your jewelry tend to linger as they know there is more to you than meets the eye.

While not everyone who enjoys minimalist jewelry has an introverted nature or an abundance of self-esteem, there is a reason why it is considered the stereotype.

On making a statement with branded and expensive jewelry

In the case of women, you will find them adorned with expensive-looking jewelry that – in all likelihood – will look like it was made for them. For men, people are likely to point to their custom Rolex or other expensive brands as a sign of status, something that they do not need to flaunt to show that they work hard for what they want.

That is the fascinating thing about those who enjoy making use of fancy and expensive jewelry. While it might show a materialistic side that is not necessarily very attractive, the positive trait is a willingness to get the job done. They will work hard for their goals, and they will have proof of their hard work adorned on their bodies in one way or another.

While not everyone might feel like having fancy jewelry is a positive fashion statement, those who are willing to look past the materialistic and narrow viewpoint will find that most people who enjoy such types of jewelry are reliable, as you can trust them to get the job done. They might not make the best strangers and potentially the worst enemies, but they can also make the very best of friends.

On pushing an air of elegance with classic pieces

When it comes to jewelry, just about everyone is doing their best to make a statement – even those who go for minimalist types would admit working hard on their overall look. On the other hand, you have those who are just fine showcasing classic pieces of jewelry; ordered individuals with an air of elegance that just cannot be beaten.

When it comes to those who make use of classic pieces such as diamond studs or even pearls, they are not the type to want to break the mold when it comes to their values. They are more interested in holding up traditional values, and there is something extremely comforting about such a fact. People are often always trying to break new ground when it comes to their looks, trying their best to make a first impression. Those who prefer classic pieces when it comes to jewelry do not have to do a thing to show their class. All they have to do is act like themselves, all the while adorned with simple yet impactful pieces that say quite a lot about their personality.

The hybrids

Aside from the jewelry archetypes above, there are combinations that form entirely new types of personalities. For example, the professional will make use of classic pieces, alongside a combination of minimalist jewelry. They have a job to do, and they are often too busy to really want to make a statement, but they also uphold values in the form of responsibilities of work and home.

There are also those who are more down-to-earth, preferring pieces that speak of nature, such as designs based on shells and pearls. Such a personality is as down-to-earth as their choice of jewelry, and often maintain a realistic mindset when it comes to their hopes and dreams. Of course, there is also the trend-setter, who is a mix of elegance and the latest and finest pieces of jewelry.

One of the most fascinating parts about jewelry is how easy it is to express yourself the way you want due to all of the various pieces that make up an entire set of jewelry. It can be quite addicting to make use of different combinations, as you learn what you like – and perhaps more about yourself – in the process.

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