White shoes, yes or no?

The eternal debate reopened. Will wearing white shoes is something that is reviled, is old and is unsightly? Or rather, is it a wild color with which we can carry any type of styling and is very suitable for the summer? Whenever the warm weather arrives, the sides are separated from those who love this kind of color, and those that hate them beyond repair. Since here we give you keys to choose which side to be at a particular time.

white shoes

White shoes you will like if…
You want to have a type of footwear that absolutely goes with any type of color, because you’re tired of the wild nude or black, and also you want the summer to arrive at your feet. In addition, you will also be comfortable with these shoes if you decide to bet on it in a form of wedges for the warmer months, or sandals.

Shoes will not be your favorite if…
Consider that are wedding and are therefore reserved for the moment reach the altar dressed with a bridal dress of scandal, or if you think you are the last century or those that lead women of questionable aesthetic taste. Nor will yours if you think the wild colors are indeed the range of land or even black, to the sabeans that go with everything.

Beyond preconceptions, it is also true that there are shoes for all tastes and sizes, white color also has its own variations, and can find the shade that fits us further so that in a given time and can isolated use. In addition, more and more brides fleeing white shoes, so we can use them if we like it for any occasion.

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