Winter vest: How to take it

If you are bored of the typical warm winter cloth in shades such as black or gray, you can opt by the new fashion to wear vest. We are not referring to fur vests boho-chic style, although these remain trend thanks to the inspirations of stars like Olivia Palermo, but we talk about jackets type coat, long and in winter fabrics like wool or cloth.

winter vest

These winter vests have a much more austere and sophisticated style, so it will become the perfect garment to go to the office. If we want a look formal yet fashionable, we can mix different lengths. A tube type dress below the knees, with complements that provide life together, as a bag in intense shades or a necklace of precious stones. You can also take the new bell-bottom pants with a simple winter dress, in dark shades and floral print. The boho blouses and seventies skirts with front buttons are pieces of trend that also will be fabulous.

The street style ideas are great, and play a lot with long. These new vests are worn under knee, so it is always a good choice to use heels, especially if we are not very high. Join the return of the musketeer boots, since they are great with shorts and vest.

When the days are not so cold, you also have a version of vests that are inspired by the raincoats of halftime. These have fashion shades, with mustard and tile tone. As you can see, also play with proportions and shapes with straight pants, long or short blouses and simple colors on these clothes. Surely this is the main star of this winter.

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