Women’s Sunglass Trends 2013

While classics never go out of style, there are also specific trends you may want to try out. Participating in sunglass trends is not just fashionable, but smart, as unlike with other fashion trends, you can don your shades all year long, without regard to the weather. If you’re unsure of what you need to be looking for, take a look at the trendy ideas below.

womens sunglass

Oversized Frames. Ever since the always chic Jackie O donned her oversized frames in the late 60’s and early 70’s, this particular style has been one in which stylish women continue to go back to. Celebs may choose large frames to hide from the paparazzi, and we can admit, when we’re lacking sleep, it’s nice to have a pair of shades to hide any under-eye baggage or dark circles we too might be sporting. However, oversized glasses are also always incredibly stylish and despite their retro heritage, they are somehow quite mod at the same time.

Aviators. Another style that has seemingly been around forever, but somehow continues to be atop the list of trendsetting fashionistas everywhere are aviator styles. Offered in classic metal rimmed frames, usually in gold, designers are beginning to now switch things up a bit when it comes to aviators. You can of course choose other metals or various materials, or, you may opt for aviators that forgo the metal altogether, choosing acetate and even larger sizes.

womens sunglass

Tortoise Frames. Try to find a celeb that doesn’t own a pair of tortoise framed sunglasses! This trend is great for another reason however. Tortoise frames are offered in most all sunglass styles and silhouettes, making it easy to snag a pair of shades that look great on you.

Brightly Hued and Embellished Glasses. For years and years we’ve been donning mostly neutral toned sunglasses. Shades in black, brown and white have had their day however. This season, opt for something in a bright or pastel tinted hue. Red, purple, green and pink sunglasses are boldly adorning the faces of fashionable ladies everywhere and are a chic option when you’re tired of a standard neutral. Many of those bright frames (as well as their neutral counterparts) are also coming equipped with fun embellished elements like studs, rhinestones or even textured rims and temple pieces. Some of those flourishes can be quite bold, and others are barely noticeable, so your individual style will help determine what you gravitate toward.

With so many great styles to choose from at Coastal.com, finding a trendy pair of sunglasses will be a breeze. While some trends may require a bit more boldness to pull off, others are just ultra-chic accessories easy for anyone to don. No need to feel guilty about your sunglass purchase or purchases. Due to the fact that these accessories can be worn all year long and from season to season, these make for smart and fashionable acquisitions.

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