Electric Blue: Color of Fashion

We are tired of sober colors for fall! This season we wear different colors! Well, we have good news: the color trend for this season is the Electric Blue. Want to know how to wear it perfectly in your fall looks?

electric blue fashion

The gateways of half the world are filled with the vibrant color and vitality end up being the new must for fall and winter. The famous and most famous celebrities on the planet makes time already are daring to wear dresses, monkeys and so flattering color costumes.

The electric blue, which had always been relegated to the warmer months, has come to settle in the coldest months and will be one of the most popular colors in the months to come. The truth is that being a very striking color, often there is reserved for special occasions and for daring women. But this season things have changed and blue makes the leap to the street to get to our closets. Moreover, it is very flattering to all skin types and hair color. Brunette, blonde or red hair. Be of the color of which you are, electric blue favor you.

Where do I wear electric blue? Very easy, the most popular low-cost stores already are are flooding this color, from bags, sweatshirts and t-shirts to coats or trousers. The new Mango fall catalog of this season already includes many garments this color and you can also find them at great prices on H&M, Pull & Bear and Zara.

As you know, skip too many serious colors and points you for the fashion of the electric blue!

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