How to Prepare for Your Laser Hair Removal Procedure

laser hair removal

If you are tired of shaving, waxing, or epilating your body hairs on a regular basis, then you might be considering undergoing a laser hair removal procedure, which will permanently reduce your hair regrowth and leave you with silkier, smoother skin for a longer period. Laser hair removal can be used to remove unwanted body hair on almost any area ...

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5 natural oils to nourish your hair

natural oils

The hair is extremely important for women, since it directly influences the character and mood, including demarcating the professional, personal and even emotional success. Most women take care of their hair, dedicating time to rituals of beauty and care to change times of stress by sensory moments of pleasure. But the urban lifestyle can damage our hair. Some chemicals, the ...

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Lipstick that will triumph this winter

lip shades

Do you want to know which lip shades will triumph this winter? If the answer is yes, continue reading as novelties are coming in the world of lipsticks. This season features new ranges of lip colors able to take a look very different depending on your humor and state of mood. Among the top colors in lipstick, we highlight the ...

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After cold effects on your lips, how to protect them?

cold effects on your lips

With the cold, the lips also suffer. While it is necessary to care for this delicate skin throughout the year, in the winter it will be necessary to double this care. Basically, extreme temperatures dehydrate and dry lips, leaving them more vulnerable to cracking and peeling. Then let’s review what the most frequent sequels of cold on the mouth are. ...

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5 beauty mistakes that make you look older

make you look older

Grow old with dignity… This is the maximum that we must always apply if we do not wish to end up getting older. And how can we age more trying not to look older? Although it seems a tongue twister, it makes sense. Try to avoid these 5 mistakes in your makeup and you will not have to worry about ...

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Dry Shampoo: Advantages and disadvantages

using dry shampoo

We’ve all had a bad hair day. Those days when you wake up late and you have to go running to the office without having time for a shower. Those meetings or appointments of contingency at which you must assist in conditions. For these cases in which you do not have time, dry shampoo is a very effective solution, since ...

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Hair fall in autumn: Tips to prevent

hair fall in autumn

Surely within a few days in which collect more hair than usual in your brush. Do not worry, hair loss in autumn is a normal occurrence and inevitable. As the animals ‘change’ the hair, humans do the same with their hair, it is a seasonal fall. What we can do is to heal in health and follow a few tips ...

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5 homemade treatments for our eyelashes

care for eyelashes

To care for eyelashes do not need to spend a large fortune. We currently have more affordable home options and can be equally effective. Only need to know the ingredients, mix them and use! We will show a few incredible eyelashes. Of course, miracles do not exist and what you need is a lot of evidence to start seeing results ...

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Facial Cleansing: Why is it important to do it regularly?

facial cleansing regularly

It is very important for the health of our facial skin, and for this, it is necessary to perform a complete facial cleansing regularly, because although we wash the face several times each day and use cosmetic cleanliness products daily, there are always impurities that clog the pores little by little and end up causing the skin tone of the ...

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Natural masks against the open pores

masks against open pores

The open pores are quite common, which makes women often use more foundation and sometimes also men not like it at all. We will discuss some points on the open pores and will see some homemade masks that can be done to help close them and improve the appearance of the skin. Why do it occur? Dilated pores are related, ...

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