Golden Jewellery

Golden jewellery has adorned countless princesses, brides and fashionistas the world over for centuries. The luxurious metal is capable of adding a noticeable sense of class and character to just about any ensemble. But that’s not to say golden jewellery doesn’t have its favourites when it comes to what itRead More →

As time has passed, piercings have ceased to be a reflection of cultural, religious and spiritual values ​​to become simply an element of aesthetic character. In our modern society, piercings are part of the fashion and trends that we follow, many even become addicted to them and end up withRead More →

wear a watch

Recent years have seen a noticeable decline in the number of people who wear wristwatches. In light of the meteoric rise of mobile devices, many individuals now depend on their smart phones to keep them abreast of the time. However, there’s no rule stating that people are limited to havingRead More →

trending tattoos

Like all things, tattoos tend to have trending designs from one year to the next. Kids temporary tattoos can be a great addition to every-day play or to use at parties. Parents can choose to make their own with the use of printable temporary tattoo paper or shop online forRead More →

tattoo necklace

Yes, tattoo necklace, you read that right. And the fact is that there are fashions that return and make us happy, there are others that should never exist left of being of fashion, and some that do shake us just thinking that ever again take. Open your eyes, because maybeRead More →

sculptural pearl necklace

Top designers are adorning their looks with classical style embellishments and tasteful accessories. A pearl necklace, though seemingly excessively elegant, will dress up any outfit and will also correspond to 2015’s trends. During the New York, London, Tokyo and Paris Fashion Week, designers proved yet again that the beauty ofRead More →

perfect engagement ring

You have found the one, now you are planning the perfect proposal. Whether you decide to propose with a fortune cookie or a skywriter the most important part is the engagement ring. It is the first thing she will show everyone; give her something to show off. When searching forRead More →