boho chic

Bohemian style fashion has a long and illustrious history. It may have hit its peak in the hippie days of 60s and 70s, but elements of the look can still be seen on catwalks all over the world. This timeless style is perfect for a carefree summer outfit, and it’sRead More →

shirt dresses

Do you like shirt dresses? The summer and high temperatures make that we have given a 360-degree turn to our closet, which Yes, without losing or dash of glamour. And with these temperatures do better than fresh clothes and fashion to wear this summer. Want to know what is oneRead More →

summer necklaces

Summer is approaching and the shops are full of interesting things, but mostly much colored. It is a change and wants to do in the closet, so what necklaces you’ll want to wear this summer, and get ready, because they will never go unnoticed. The ethnic necklaces are still favorites.Read More →

tropical prints

Looking forward to the summer, but in the meantime, we can continue to adapt our wardrobe to the days of sun and cocktails on the beach. The trend tropical installed between the most wanted this season, and brings all kinds of patterns and colors. Dresses, leggings, accessories, tops and hoodiesRead More →