Summer Fashion

How To Work Boho-Chic Into Your Wardrobe

boho chic

Bohemian style fashion has a long and illustrious history. It may have hit its peak in the hippie days of 60s and 70s, but elements of the look can still be seen on catwalks all over the world. This timeless style is perfect for a carefree summer outfit, and it’s super-flattering design features make it an easy trend to wear ...

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3 looks you should have worn before the end of summer

afternoon on the beach

For many, the summer vacation will begin, for others it will be over, and then we are still waiting for them, but the summer season has almost been counted, and what really matters is having taken it with style. Even so, we do not want to call bad weather, there is still August and before the rains and short afternoons ...

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How to wear shorts in summer without dying in the attempt

how to wear shorts

When summer comes the shorts are garments that look so light, fresh and comfortable they are. Garments with which we can feel at ease to continue our usual life much more temperature. In recent years this garment has become a must that reinvents itself every summer, with new lengths, shapes, and colors. The shorts are carried each year in a ...

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The coolest summer: shirt dresses

shirt dresses

Do you like shirt dresses? The summer and high temperatures make that we have given a 360-degree turn to our closet, which Yes, without losing or dash of glamour. And with these temperatures do better than fresh clothes and fashion to wear this summer. Want to know what is one of the most advanced trends? Read on and do not ...

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The monkey, the best ally of summer

monkey dress

Every summer there are items that reappear in our closet, some we receive them with open arms, and others not so well by not sit as we would like, and what is clear is that the monkey is in the good side as this debate concerns. The monkeys are a piece of relatively young clothing, that years ago no one ...

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‘Looks’ with long skirt for this summer

look long skirt

The long skirt has emerged as one of the star items for this summer, so if you consider yourself fashion lovers can not miss one in your closet. Moreover, as we will show below, you can wear them in many different occasions as they wear dark for evening events and bright and cheerful colors during the day. The only thing ...

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Frilly garments to brighten up your summer

frilly garments

Do you know the best way to brighten the summer and be fashionable at the same time? Wear frilly clothes and whether they are striking even better. And that flyers are everywhere: adorning the eaves of the arms of the shirts, in the crop top allowing to make the brown belly out and even in the skirts and dresses. In ...

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Long dress: The indispensable of the summer

long dress

Every year there are clothes that revolutionize our closets, get clothes that look forward to when the weather is good and one of them is certainly long dress, the ideal garment for spring and summer. Spring and summer is the time of the straps, short and long dresses, shorts, sarongs, bikinis, bodysuits… But even so, the pledge queen every year, ...

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Necklaces to full color for the summer

summer necklaces

Summer is approaching and the shops are full of interesting things, but mostly much colored. It is a change and wants to do in the closet, so what necklaces you’ll want to wear this summer, and get ready, because they will never go unnoticed. The ethnic necklaces are still favorites. They can spice up any outfit, and certainly are a ...

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Tropical prints for summer

tropical prints

Looking forward to the summer, but in the meantime, we can continue to adapt our wardrobe to the days of sun and cocktails on the beach. The trend tropical installed between the most wanted this season, and brings all kinds of patterns and colors. Dresses, leggings, accessories, tops and hoodies with this print so colorful and cheerful. Who can deny? ...

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