3 looks you should have worn before the end of summer

For many, the summer vacation will begin, for others it will be over, and then we are still waiting for them, but the summer season has almost been counted, and what really matters is having taken it with style. Even so, we do not want to call bad weather, there is still August and before the rains and short afternoons arrive, there are three looks that you should have taken this summer.

They have been, and hope that it will continue to be so, the most successful look this season. 3 styles for three types of girls, and attentive, for 3 types of events: stay at the beach, summer event and party until dawn.

afternoon on the beach

An afternoon on the beach

We talk about a date rather, something special and intimate – with a couple or with friends. It is essential that this look is comfortable and simple but with all the romanticism and romantic sophistication that an appointment deserves – as long as we let ourselves move through the sand. The best option is:

1. ‘off the shoulder’ dress, with earrings and boho detail

The best thing about this type of clothing is its comfort and romanticism all in one. If, in addition, we choose it in a pink makeup, with a shape marked in the silhouette and long and not too narrow, accompanied by some flyer, femininity seizes the suit and her muse. Enjoy an appointment on the beach with the best company, and the comfort of a dress that safeguards your entire woman essence and makes you feel beautiful even among the sand and the wild saltpeter of the beach.

To finish the look some boho style accessories, something hippies but classy. The earrings can be your great allies, or pendants with precious stones. Everything, the more superlative, the better.

summer event

A summer event

August is not like May, full of events of baptisms or weddings and communions. But it can be, without doubt, a month full of unexpected invitations and you have to be prepared for any special celebration capable of being successful on any type of holiday.

2. Silk floral monkey

It is the ideal garment for all summer events. The floral print is not only trend, its versatility, printed on a monkey, is the perfect equation for any moment. You can choose a long or short sleeve monkey, with or without cleavage, monkeys are more fashionable than ever and silk will make any elegant option. To combine the look, nothing better than a hat capable of turning the outfit 360ยบ. For the night? Sandals, heels, and velvet, yes, although it seems that they do not stick with so much heat. They are totally trend and the brightness of this type of fabric give a sophistication and glamor to the totally different look.

party until dawn

A party until dawn

Summer festivals are like concerts and festivals as a safe bet classics and especially for new season clothes. It is impossible that during the summer does not leave some summer party and for this, the perfect look would be:

3. Miniskirt with printed t-shirt and minimum jewelry

It is clear that the nights of August are beginning to be chilly so the shirt will not have, yes, a mini skirt to see the brunette that we are taking this vacation – and that keeps us like lizards every morning on the beach. The shirt will elevate our look to sophistication whatever its combination, and are not as hot as appear, they are perfectly comfortable for the heat does not arrive to irrigate the party. The prints are another must this season, for the night opts for dots and as accessories, black bags and silver sandals. As it could not be less, the protagonists of the night are always complementary, some minimalist style is distinguished from everything. Opt for twist style earrings and retro-inspired rings.

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