Fashion Trends

The Journey of Consigning with The RealReal

The global pursuit to integrate sustainability behind nearly all of our day to day practices is stronger than ever. Many of us are eating, consuming, and purchasing more mindfully with the goal of protecting our planet from the existing and impending dangers of climate change and our current consumption patterns. A strong trend in “new sustainability” is circular fashion and ...

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Tips for Exuding Boho Style

boho style

Some people let their free spirits fly around at certain times. This is typically at music festivals or other events that encourage individuality and freedom. For others, being an unrestricted soul is a fulltime job. Whether you are trying to make a fashion statement or you are representing your personality through your clothes, boho style is for everyone. It can ...

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Maternity Trends: For mothers with style

maternity trends

If you are expecting to give birth and do not want to lose your style do not think that you are in Mission Impossible next to Tom Cruise. This holiday enjoy like never before and takes advantage of the beauty that you uninitiated in this period to take advantage of. There are many fashion trends in this winter: the metal ...

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Key style: How to dress for success in New Year

dress for new year

End of year is one of the most special days of the year. If we are lucky and must attend a party of end of year, we need to know some key style to succeed in a special date. In these celebrations we must seize to go out and buy a bright dress, either gold or silver or with many ...

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And in the fall… The return of the fringe!

wear fringe

With the arrival of autumn and start to see the trends and fashions that will be more, and from the moment that we hear is that of the fringe. The shop windows are already inundated with this trend as autumn, perfect for when you start to get cold, moreover, in most cases combined with suede, another trend that again this ...

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Dickey: The most versatile garment of the season


When summer comes there is a tendency that always comes back or filling all the windows or a more discreet, but always there. Do you already know what we’re talking about? Sure! We refer to the famous Dickies. Dickies trends this summer are varied but can be summarized in four essential that can not miss in your wardrobe: Denim: The ...

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How to choose and order the ladies online clothing?

ladies online clothing

Today, buying clothing online is very popular. A lot of ladies believe that it is much easier, and cheaper than buying it in retail stores. This saves time and money, and the choice in online shops is often much broader. However, there are those ladies who believe that buying clothing online is associated with certain difficulties. After all, you can ...

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Trendy Military: The most warlike tendency

trendy military

The style fighter season will slip in our spring clothes. Printed camouflage cargo pants or bomber jackets are just some of the quirks with the military trend returns to the fray. Earn positions in frontline and declares war to your wardrobe! Every man for himself Undisputed by nature, the khaki or green earth become the captains of the army fashion ...

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A New Year Is A Great Excuse To Revamp Your Look With Urban Apparel

What better way could there be to celebrate the New Year than by creating a whole new you? By heading online to shop for stylish, trendy urban wear, anyone can deck themselves out with the latest urban apparel at the lowest possible cost. Fashion is an industry that is constantly changing. Today, street styles boldly express the vibrancy of modern ...

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Oriental trend in fashion, yes or no?

oriental trend

In matters of fashion, everything is to say, to describe, everything is always full of detail, every parade, every trend … For many covers, and many pages, curiously there is nothing written in this case. Therefore, as all must have found in this area, we can adhere to them or just pass by in this vein. We talked this time ...

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