And in the fall… The return of the fringe!

With the arrival of autumn and start to see the trends and fashions that will be more, and from the moment that we hear is that of the fringe.

wear fringe

The shop windows are already inundated with this trend as autumn, perfect for when you start to get cold, moreover, in most cases combined with suede, another trend that again this season.

This cowboy style that we like comes from the 20s, the far west and the country. Thanks to the fringes will get a look as vivid autumnal, retro and vintage at the same time modern and youthful.

And you, still don’t know how to wear the fringes? It is a type of very colorful trend, so it’s good not to accumulate too many clothes with fringes in a same look if we don’t want to seem straight out of an old West movie. Then it is best to combine a garment or accessory with a more neutral style, so the fringes can become the star of the look.

The clothes that are worn with the fringes are the skirts, jackets, kimonos and vests. And the best thing is super flattering, and feels good to most bodies. In addition, hippy style so that you subtract years and create a look more modern and youthful.

If you want to bet on the fringes but do not dare with any cloth, go for the simple option and easy to carry, a bag. Both shoulder bag in your hand version, type clutch, become the star of the look since it will adorn the most, and will save you from many troubles when you do not know what to wear.

So now you know, if you want to start preparing your wardrobe for the reenter go with the trend of fringes, in clothes and accessories that you like most: skirts, bags, loafers, cardigans, jackets and many more.

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