using makeup remover properly

To use correctly the make-up remover is essential to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin: a basic ritual of beauty that cannot be overlooked. With just a while you rid your skin of dirt, makeup and toxins that may have been building up during the day to rest and regenerateRead More →

cleaning makeup brushes

Clean makeup brushes is one of the habits we should have, but nobody thinks that is important. The brushes and other makeup utensils accumulate many bacteria that by bringing the makeup they are adhered to our skin. These bacteria can clog pores or create infections like folliculitis – outbreaks ofRead More →

smokey eyes

If you look at photos of beauty bloggers and big celebrities, you’ll notice one of the big current make-up trends is smokey eyes. However, smokey eyes are a classic look that can also work with all sorts of looks. From going on a night out to a casino, to aRead More →

daytime makeup

The makeup is one of the biggest allies of our good presence and beauty, and also during the day. This time, we show you some tips for matching daytime makeup, so that is a natural, conceals imperfections and a trendy touch to our day, especially if there is a socialRead More →

makeup with glasses

The girls who have to wear glasses tend to have problems when it comes to makeup, since the glasses can overshadow your makeup or fighting directly with it. That’s why you have to follow some tricks to use makeup with glasses and it is great. There are things that alwaysRead More →

no make up

The hottest time of year has arrived and with baggy dresses, shorts, the crop – tops… In summer period we start our ingenuity to combine clothes that give us the greatest sense of freshness. We need the summer breeze caresses our skin but not only is the freshness, our skinRead More →

trends in manicures

Summer is approaching, and with it comes the change of wardrobe, colors, shoes … Why not also change the way you paint your nails? Pay close attention to the colors that will be this summer! This summer you can forget what you knew from previous years, and that at thisRead More →