Need Halloween Makeup in A Pinch? DIY Options You Can Find In Your Own Home

If you are a big fan of Halloween and the spooky season, chances are you began planning your costume last year on November the 1st.

But, for many people, life gets in the way of such creative endeavors, and even those who love trick or treat can find themselves running out of time when it comes to putting their costumes together.

If you want to turn heads the October, whether it’s at a private party or during a trip to a pumpkin patch, you may not have the option to spend a lot of money on prosthetics or fake blood. But don’t worry! There are some simple solutions to pulling off a great Halloween outfit with things that you have in your own home, so read on to learn more.

Halloween Makeup

Tissue Paper

While it is not advisable to apply tissue paper with spirit gum (or another skin adhesive) to any areas where you have hair, this is one of the best things you can use to get some striking special effects makeup.

If you are looking to attend a party as a zombie, you can use some tissue paper and spirit gum to create a decaying look on your skin. This will take a bit of shading with some brown and black pastels or powders but can create a very realistic (and gross) look.

If you are looking to attend a party as an Egyptian mummy, then you can use tissue paper and splattered tea from tea bags to get a stained look. Very authentic and cheap! Just be sure to apply it and allow the paper to dry a bit.

PVA Glue

Many people aim to attend Halloween parties as some kind of hybrid creature. Werewolves are common, for example, but many people are looking for something a bit creepier than a simple howl at the moon wolf!

There are now lots of prosthetics revolving around reptiles, with the trend of DIY costumes leaning towards creatures more like Medusa from Greek mythology. Where does PVA glue come into this? Have you ever used PVA and then peeled it off of your fingers or hands?

If you are going as a snake or reptile hybrid, certain coating areas (carefully, you don’t want to remove any paintwork!) with PVA and then peeling it off can create a shedding look, which can add a different dimension to any outfit like this. Or, going back to the idea of a zombie, why not gently apply some good old-fashioned tea to the peeled PVA? Gross and an amazing effect to boot!


Flour is a staple of DIY last-minute Halloween costumes. It can be used to lighten skin, lighten hair, and, when used with PVA, it can look cracked – great if you want to go as a creepy or haunted porcelain doll!

Best of all, flour is cheap as chips, washes off, and can be used in all kinds of Halloween outfits, from vampires to ghosts, so if you don’t have any white face powder in your home or are looking for a way to add a grey hue to your hair, use flour!

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