Women’s fashion

How clothing brand Fashion Nova courts curvy, plus size shoppers

plus size shoppers

For many years, plus-sized women had very little choice when it came to fashion. Curvy women were stuck with loose, flowing shirts and maxi dresses. These clothes are distinctly designed to hide a woman’s shape, not celebrate it or give it the attention it deserves. Then came Fashion Nova, which turned the clothing world on its collective ear. Celebrated by ...

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Trench coat: Style guide

trench coat style

For this new season is one of the outerwear that will be used more since its elegance gives a chic touch to the looks. Although it seems that they do it little by little, the low temperatures approach. Touch dusting sweaters, sweatshirts and long sleeves and start thinking about our autumnal outfits. One of the things to keep in mind ...

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5 ways to dress like a professional woman

professional woman

Are you a woman who works in offices, who deals with a lot of people and who always needs to be impeccable, but you do not have much budget? Here is the solution for ways to dress like a professional women….. It is wonderful to be a woman today! Sixty years ago, our grandmothers fought for women’s freedom, our mothers ...

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Elegant Crop top: Ways to use it to go to work

elegant crop top

The crop top is an item banned for informal use or for a party, but the reality is that you can also take smart crop tops to the office. We tell you the best ways to use it to go to work. There are many ways to carry a crop top in a more elegant and sophisticated way. Just follow ...

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Pleated skirts: The must have of the season

pleated skirts

When designers such as Gucci and Loewe bet on a garment on the runway, we have no one to make a hole in our closet. This is the case of pleated skirts, which burst harder than ever this season. Although the pleated skirt is a versatile garment, many of us do not dare to take the step for fear of ...

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Ties for women

women tie

When elegance speaks about tie or a bow tie are look good regardless of gender. Tips for women who dare to go out with a male garment hanging from the neck. The idea of breaking with the femininity from fashion was not restricted to wearing trousers, strap boots and short hair. In the early 20s women began to include tie ...

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8 Keys to be a more elegant woman

elegant woman

Being an elegant woman is not only dress well and look good, but it is rather a comprehensive issue, of good taste, attitude and education. In this article we tell you some keys to being a more elegant and stylish woman. Improves posture: Our body posture is essential. Little will be set if you are well dressed and covered up, ...

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Why all love fringed jacket?

fringed jacket

The fringed jacket: Revered by the runways and more than adored by celebrities and bloggers, it will definitely come promises to be the main star of next season. From inspiration boho and marking the revival of the 70’s, you will discover what will become the new must have for your wardrobe. Are you ready to look already your fringed jacket? ...

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A thousand different ways to wear bare shoulders

bare shoulders

Is there of fashion to show some specific part of the body? The new necklines are in the most discreet and unexpected places. It takes to teach ankle, abdomen … But above all, this summer takes to teach shoulders and clavicles. For that reason, this season the queen fashion trend that is hitting harder is to look bare shoulders, and ...

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Looks to be a real working girl

working girl dress

We will propose three looks for real working girls, with which you will be able to present to the office, more modern than ever without spending budget! The first look we suggest is a black dress with animal print. This dress will provide for you a touch of elegance and sophistication to which you decide in favor of a simple ...

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