How to dress without wearing a bra?

dress without wearing bra

A good occasion to leave without support is when we go to a party. There are a lot of dresses that look much better if we wear them without a bra. But it certainly is not good to do it to go to the office, as it may generate an inadequate impression. Although for women with small breasts it is ...

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Long dresses: Six basic rules for you to look good

using long dress

Long dresses again this season with stronger than ever before. And the summer heat makes them the best alternative to get warm and point to the dress code anywhere. However, there are certain rules that you must handle before using this garment. It is necessary to know what colors suits you and what forms fit better to your figure. And ...

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Elegant Pronovias dresses in blue color

pronovias dresses

The color blue is a safe bet for the elegant dresses, which can lead to any party or wedding. Pronovias also seems to have the same idea and that is why we discover how its new collection has a hue so flattering. It is said that the blue represents tranquility and our senses to breathe peace and harmony. On this ...

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Tips for cocktail dress

cocktail dress

One of the meetings or social gathering more top at present is the cocktail. Many times it is difficult to know how we get dressed, what is the most ideal for an event of this kind or how we draw attention without highlighting too. Therefore, we leave some etiquette tips to go perfect and appropriate to the one that is ...

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New acquisition: Cross Shirt

cross shirt

This summer have returned many trends, and one of the most present in every closet is the cross shirt. The shirt has been reinvented in thousands of possibilities, including shirt dresses. What’s more, it is that if there is a trend that has dazzled us in this regard has been to the Cross Shirt, this summer becomes much more versatile ...

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The coolest summer: shirt dresses

shirt dresses

Do you like shirt dresses? The summer and high temperatures make that we have given a 360-degree turn to our closet, which Yes, without losing or dash of glamour. And with these temperatures do better than fresh clothes and fashion to wear this summer. Want to know what is one of the most advanced trends? Read on and do not ...

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Pink color: Dress like our celebrities

celebrities with pink

It is a color that we love and comeback this season. We speak of the rose in all its varieties: more muted, pastel, nude or gum, this color is the most of the season. Attentive! Pink is a very feminine color: highlights the attributes of women and a touch of color highlights the facial features. Some say that pink is ...

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Hoss Intropia dress

hoss intropia dress

Normally when we think of a styling the first thing that comes to mind is the garments that are to be comfortable and we have to be true for different occasions. To achieve this, it is important that we unite the sophistication and beauty of a garment, the fact that it is soft and comfortable. When choosing the garment, the ...

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Leather Skirt

leather skirts

When we talk about the looks that we wear during the months of autumn and winter, usually we usually think of pieces that we are or feel one way or another, but we’re always do the most trendiest and sophisticated. So when we compose a look, the most important thing is to think of a special garment that will change ...

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Cocktail dresses for every occasion

Black Cocktail Dress

Really, there are times when the cocktail dresses are unsurpassed in terms of elegance and style. Whether for a birthday, a party, or any other kind of event, a choice between many cocktail dresses available will make any woman feel both comfortable and sexy. These dresses are the most popular events to bring in both small and discreet as on ...

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